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Africa is immense, large enough to hold all of the USA, China, India, Japan and most of Europe. Given its size the diversity of ecosystems, wildlife and culture are incredible from savannahs to equatorial forests and mighty snow-capped mountains, pristine beaches and coral reefs, searing deserts and cool highland retreats. Our custom and Privately Guided Safaris explore East Africa and offer a mix of luxury camps, lodges and unique experiences. We are constantly discovering new destinations that will take you off the beaten track and away from the crowds allowing you to enjoy the remoteness, beauty and serenity of Africa, the way we feel it should be seen. Within these pages you can browse more information about each of the incredible locations we travel to and the unique properties we feature, each of which is reviewed and vetted to ensure that your accommodations meet our standards of luxury in the bush without losing the excitement of being in the wild. From classic bush camps steeped in vintage ambience to intimate, contemporary, luxury safari lodges and secluded beachfront retreats, you’ll find properties to make your own safari vision come to life in your dream location.


Rwenzori Hiking 6-7 days trekking the Rwenzori mountain Uganda mountain climbing adventure. The itinerary below assumes you are already in Kasese – the base for Rwenzori hiking; if you are…

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